Dirty is a classic World of Warcraft, medium-core guild that has been in existence since 2013. Our goal from the beginning has always been to play with a group of people that we will enjoy playing with. It sounds simple in practice, but it truly takes a great leadership to make this happen. Back when the guild was formed, our leaders setup a list of goals. Our first goal was to find players that not only share the same energy as us, but share the same attitude towards the game. Dirty has never and will never be a hardcore guild. However, that does not mean that we are not a sweaty bunch. Plenty of sweat is dripping off the cheeks of our players. However, there is a time and place for that. The players that comprise our ranks are not only huge advocates of the best MMORPG of all time, but we are also understand that life comes first. Family and work should always come as a priority over Dirty and over WoW Classic in general. However, when you step foot into the Dirty crew, you become one of our friends. We expect you to treat each and every person in the guild, as a friend. We have never allowed toxicity, trolling, or greed to stay in our home. This is a community built on friendship, trust, and respect. It is what our guild tabard stands for, and we expect nothing less from each of our members. 

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Core Expectations


We've put a more concise version of what it means to be a Core raider in Dirty, on our Discord.  We figured that posting a more detailed version would best be suited to our guild website. Here are our Core raider guidelines in full detail:


I. Raid preparedness and being on time:
There has been a drastic shift in the guild lately with our members being on time and raid ready. This is great! This is something that we want to have happen regularly, with every raid week.  Having your necessary consumes and being on time, ready to go is very important to us.  It not only shows respect for your fellow guild mates by not wasting anyone's time, but also shows your dedication to maximize our potential on progression nights. It also helps us get as many on-farm raids done as we can in that given raid night.


II. World Buffs:
World buffs are in its own sub-section of raid preparedness.  It requires a lot more than just, buying consumes, or being on time.  It requires more dedication and time than any other aspect of raid preparation. We all understand how annoying these can be to obtain.  Between ninja drops, incorrect timers, and Alliance dispellers, it can be quite tricky.  However, these can immensely help with progression nights in the future.  Having world buffs can more often than not be the deciding factor of downing a boss for the first time, or having a wipe fest and a discouraging raid night.    
Dirty is a PvE raiding guild first and fore most. Not getting world buffs due to PvP, gold farming, running things on alternate characters, etc. are not a valid reasons to put off getting world buffs. We understand that real life issues and the in game issues I stated above can hinder people from coming with full world buffs.  What we're asking, is for our Core raiders to make an honest attempt in getting as many world buffs as they can each raid week. 

III. Raid Performance:
First, our raid group is exactly that, a group, a unit; a team.  We all rely on each other to determine how well we will do.  Before individual performance, the raid's performance as a whole comes first.  That means coming as the correct specialization that we have recruited you as. Do not respec, nor raid in an off-spec armor set unless leadership has approved this decision. Alternative characters may only be considered for raids that we have on farm.  Additionally, the raid leader must be notified 24 hours in advance if you would like to bring an alt to raid.
Second, individual performance plays a key role to the raid's performance as a whole.  Our Core raid members must always strive to do their best during raid. There is a fine line between lack of knowledge while trying your best and flat out not caring.  Again let me reiterate, we are not a hardcore raiding guild. We do not expect orange or pink parses from our raiders. What we are requiring is a true, honest attempt; that while you're raiding with Dirty you don't half ass your damage, healing, tanking or utility that is needed by your class. That means things like, mages sacrificing their parses to decurse on certain fights, rogues focusing on kicks and stunning mobs when needed, warriors using sunder armor as their first global, shamans putting down the correct totems for the raid, etc.


IV. Raid mindset and Respect:
All of these guidelines pretty much tie into this last point. Having a good mindset, attitude and respect for your fellow guildies and raid team is vital. Wipes happen, losing world buffs happen, not getting a piece of loot...happens. It's part of the game. It's happened since the beginning and will happen forever. It can be tilting but, remember why were here; to kill shit with a good group of people and have a fun time doing it. Drama and people clashing heads will also happen, it's inevitable. However, it can be greatly reduced with respecting each other.  Try to deescalate a situation instead of instigating one. 

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